Paris in the rain | Christophe Jacrot

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Shadow Play, 2013

Rasmus B. Curating

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Dubrovnik, Croatia  (by oobwoodman)

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It had never occurred to me that our lives, which had been so closely interwoven, could unravel with such speed. If I’d known, maybe I’d have kept tighter hold of them and not let unseen tides pull us apart.

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sophie turner, phoebe tonkin, paul wesley, & holland roden photographed by justin campbell at  san diego comic con / july 26th 2014

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Is this Jayden Smith?


Open Your Eyes To The Truth And Power Within Yourself, The Moon Is Over The Hammy For A Reason. Think.

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Lumen didn’t witness her mother’s murder, but she was born in blood like me. Some experiences are so big they change your DNA. (Season 5)

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Do you ever listen to middle aged people talk…they are the fakest of the fake

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